Pay Per Click Advertising

Exceptional PPC Services ranging across a large variety of sectors, bringing more to your business.

Increasing Your Brands Success with Paid Search Engine Marketing

At Flickzo we build professional pay per click advertising campaigns aimed at delivering amazing results with a quick turnaround. Delivering growth to your business almost immediately.

Search Ads

Using search keywords, get your website, products, & services placed at the top of search results.

Video Ads

Show off your products and services in YouTube video advertisements, reaching broader audiences.

Google Shopping Ads

Display your products in sponsored shopping advertisements, putting them directly in front of your audience.

Driving Instant Traffic to Your Website

We are highly results driven, priding ourselves in the results our advertising campaigns provide to our clients, whilst accommodating for budgets and timelines of businesses small to large. 

Increased Search Visibility

Using PPC and relevant keywords related to your business' products & services will position your website directly in front of your audience, at the top of search results.

More Lead Generation

Optimised keywords means visitors finding your website are likely looking for your service or product, increasing lead conversion.

Traffic Growth

With your website being positioned at the top of search results, it's visibility to your audience will be much higher, resulting in increased traffic to your site.

Higher Revenue

More exposure, higher traffic, and visitors looking for your products or services means an increase in sales & revenue.

Effective, Results Driven PPC Campaigns

We design and build our Pay Per Click campaigns to provide all businesses, from sole traders & startups to enterprise organisations with solutions for more business growth. 

Improved Brand Awareness

Get your brand noticed at the top of search engines, in sponsored shopping ads, and YouTube Video adverts.

Increased Product & Service Sales

Drive in more customers looking for your specific products & services. As well as show off your business in YouTube videos. 

Rocket Your Business With PPC

Pay Per Click Advertising

Get in front of your audience with targeted professional PPC.

  • Increased Traffic
  • Higher Brand Awareness
  • Growth in Revenue